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Kyoshi John Alford

Kyoshi John Alford our owner and founder has been studying martial arts for over 45 years and teaching for over 20 years.  John has devoted his life to learning and mastering a range of different martial arts and holds 6 different black belts to various degrees in two different styles of karate, two styles of jujitsu, kickboxing, and Filipino stick fighting.   John teaches in all classes so when you learn at our club you are learning from a highly experienced martial arts professional.

Fully Accredited Instructor

John is a fully certified MAAIA (Martial Arts Australia International Alliance) coach instructor, has full DCSI and police clearances as well as being a senior first aider. 

John is highly experienced at working with children so knows how to train and bring out the best in kids. He has multiple certifications including

ORS - essentials for coaching children certificate

PBTR – child protection/harassment and discrimination certificate

Community coaching certificate

Certified Australian Sports Commission Active After Schools communities coach

JOHN-ALFORD Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Adults Morphett Vale Reynella

2 Karate Black Belts

John has achieved a rare 6th dan (6th degree) black belt in the Tugra Shan Martial Arts style and a 4th dan (degree) black belt in the Zen Do Kai Karate style.  John studied karate for over 20 years and achieved many titles including Sempai (instructor), Dai Sempai (senior instructor), Sensei (teacher), Renshi (low-level master), progressing all the way to Kyoshi in Tugra Shan Martial Arts. John still actively studies Tugra Shan Martial Arts and continues to undergo physical gradings.

2 Jujitsu Black Belts

Kyoshi John Alford has achieved black belts in both traditional and modern styles of Jujitsu.  He has achieved a 2nd degree black belt in the traditional Hoshyama Ryu style of Jujitsu under Hanshi Chris Hoshiyama along with a 1st degree black belt in WJJF (World Ju-Jitsu Federation) Australia under Soke Alan Campbell. He also holds a 1st Kyu Brown belt in Aiki Juititsu Budo Kan Australia and has studied both Judo and Taekwondo.

StickFighting Black Belt

Kyoshi John Alford holds a first-degree black belt in the Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima sword fighting style.  John studied and took all of his gradings directly under world-famous Senior Grand Master (SGM) Vince Palumbo.  SGM Vince Palumbo is widely recognised as one of the most highly skilled Eskrima stick fighters and teachers in Australia.  John has extensive knowledge of stick fighting and has undertaken many Kulta (no armour except for head and hand protection) stick fights as part of his gradings.


Kyoshi John Alford studied Japanese Swordsmanship in the ancient Japanese sword style of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu and was coached directly under Grandmaster Sekiguchi Komei from Japan who is widely recognised as one of the most skilled swordsmen in Japan. Kyoshi John studied this style for just over five years attending classes in Adelaide six hours per week in addition to personal practice of between one to four hours per week.

Live and non-live blades

Whilst the swordsmanship style Kyoshi John studied did not have a grading ranking system it gave him extensive experience of using both bokken and saya (wooden sword and sheath), iaito (blunt steel blade) and shinken (live sharp steel blade).  John also learned to use a naginatajutsu which is a pole with a blade on the end and is proficient in fighting with this weaponry.  Whilst training kyoshi John studied over 70 sword katas with variations (henka) and has been able to create and teach his own kata and kumitachi (partner drill) styles at the TSMA Academy.

Martial Art ongoing development

John continues to study jujitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is dedicated to making martial arts accessible and affordable for all which is why the club has one low monthly fee which includes access to unlimited classes.

Shihan Richard Harding

Multiple Black Belts

Shihan Richard Harding has been practising Martial Arts for over 45 years and has six black belts in different martial arts styles including Tugra Shan Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Judo, Tang So Do (Korean martial arts style) and Woma (World Organisation of Martial Arts).

Shihan Richard Harding Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Adults Morphett Vale Reynella

Tugra Shan Martial Arts 6th Dan Black Belt

Richard holds a 6th Dan Black Belt and the title of Shihan (high-level master – one title below Kyoshi) in Tugra Shan Martial Arts and has been teaching and training at the club for the last 10 years.

2nd Dan & 4th Dan Black Belt Tang Soo Do

Richard trained in the traditional Korean karate style Tang Soo Do (TSD) at Black Belt Level for 15 years and achieved his 2nd Dan Black Belt in World Tang Soo Do and 4th Dan Black Belt and Master’s Rank in the Asia Pacific style of TSD.

1st Dan Black Belt Rhee Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art focused on punching and kicking techniques with particular emphasis on high kicks, spinning kicks and fast kicking techniques. Richard studied this martial art for ??? years and achieved a first dan black belt.  

3rd Dan Black Belt Judo

Judo is a Japanese martial art that developed as a spin off from Jujitsu.  Richard has achieved a 3rd Dan blackbelt in the Judo Kwon Taekwondo style.

5th Dan WOMA (World Organisation Of Martial Arts) Australia

In recognition of his outstanding work in martial arts, Richard was awarded a 5th Dan honorary blackbelt in WOMA.

International Karate Competitions

Shihan Richard has competed in numerous local, national and international competitions, securing podium medal placings in Kata (Forms), Weaponry and ‘Free Sparring’ events. In 2007 he won the Seniors division of the International Tang Soo Do Championships held in Darwin.

Highly Experienced Karate Master

With over 45 years of martial arts experience and multiple black belts, Shihan Richard brings a considerable wealth of highly developed skills to the dojo floor (training hall), encompassing stand up and ground fighting, takedowns, counters, locks and throws.

Fully Accredited Instructor

Richard is an MAAIA (Martial Arts Australia International Alliance) Certified Coach Instructor, Accredited and Qualified Fitness Leader and Instructor (TAFE), Accredited and Qualified International Judge and Referee.  He has DCSI and full police clearance and is a senior first aid officer.

Professor Marcio Maia 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Professor Marcio Maia teaches our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes.  He was born in Brazil and lived there until 2020 when he and his family migrated to Adelaide.  Professor Marcio holds a black belt in BJJ and has been studying this artform for over 18 years.  He is an authentic Brazilian BJJ teacher who is highly knowledgeable and skilled in both Gracie Barra and Yogui BJJ styles.

Trained At The World Famous Gracie Ipanema Academy

Professor Marcio studied at the world famous Gracie Ipanema Academy under Professor Marcelo Yogui.  Marcio’s expertise and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaching skills are second to none which has earnt him the title of Professor and he is one of the most outstanding and experienced BJJ teachers in Adelaide.

Fully Accredited Instructor

Marcio is an MAAIA (Martial Arts Australia International Alliance) Accredited Instructor.

Professor Marcio Maia Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Adults Morphett Vale Reynella

Sempai Pat Bell

Tugra Shan 1st Degree Black Belt

Sempai Pat has studied a range of different martial arts styles for around 18 years.  Her martial arts background includes two years in Go Kan Ryu where she achieved a green belt, two years with the Japan Karate Association, 6 years in Zen Do Kai achieving a brown belt and 8 years in the Tugra Shan Martial Arts (TSMA) Academy.

First Female Sempai At Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy

In 2013 Pat was awarded her first degree black belt and was the first female at our club to achieve the title of Sempai (Instructor).  Pat brings invaluable martial arts experience and maturity to TSMA.  Pat assists in instructing our junior and adults’ classes on a Wednesday and hopes to inspire all students especially our females. 

Fully Accredited Instructor

Pat is an MAAIA (Martial Arts Australia International Alliance) Accredited Instructor and has a DCSI clearance.

Sempai Pat Bell Tugra Shan Martial Arts Academy Kids Adults Morphett Vale Reynella